As ReGeneration continues its dynamic course, it remains constructively "restless,” creating new opportunities for young graduates who want to stand out, right here in Greece!

In this context, the program introduces new innovative pillars, investing in specialized, functional training on specific sectors of the Greek economy where there is a gap between available positions and trained/skilled junior candidates. The program’s targeted training cycles that take place throughout the year and between scheduled ReGeneration program cycles, find their "home" at ReGeneration Academy, which will host specialized training programs, therefore boosting employment opportunities in specific areas of the Greek labor market.

Combining its unique DNA and expertise with the deep knowledge and experience of partners who are leading specialized industries and education programs, ReGeneration is engaging in strategic partnerships for the launch of the program's integrated and targeted training cycles.

Launched in 2017, the ReGeneration Coding School by kariera.gr is the first Java training program in Greece for junior developers. The program aims to directly connect participants with the job market, thus helping create a supply of qualified candidates to meet the increasing existing demand. Candidates who successfully completed the ReGeneration evaluation and selection process, enjoyed over 260 hours of hands-on Java training over a span of two months, and have already started to work in relevant positions relevant.

The ReGeneration Academy starts off 2018 dynamically with the opening of two targeted training cycles: the ReGeneration Academy of Digital Marketing Young Practitioners powered by Excelixi, and the ReGeneration Academy of Data Science & Data Engineering powered by Code.Hub.

Until today, the following targeted programs have been completed:

  • ReGeneration Academy of Java powered by Coding School| Kariera.gr
  • ReGeneration Academy of Data Science & Data Engineering powered by Code.Hub
  • ReGeneration Academy of Digital Marketing Young Practitioners powered by Excelixi
  • ReGeneration Academy of Java4Web powered by Code.Hub in Thessaloniki
  • ReGeneration Hospitality Front Office Academy powered by INSETE
  • ReGeneration Academy of .NET powered by Coding School| Kariera.gr
  • ReGeneration Academy for Digital Acceleration | Data Science Lab - Powered by TITAN

At ReGeneration Academy, all of us believe in the power of multi-dimensionality, as the power-sharing is in the DNA of the program.

Thus, our team met Piraeus Bank's fresh vision for the new generation, and as a multiplier for youth development, we teamed up to create Project Future, which seeks to link higher education with the labor market, contributing to the specialization of young people graduates in areas that meet current market demands.

Project Future's specialized training is being implemented in partnership with Google, Facebook, Code.Hub and Excelixi Center of Sustainable Entrepreneurship PIRAEUS BANK GROUP, and will train a total of 1,200 young people while a total of 330 finalists will attend one of the three fields of expertise.