Melina Michalopoulou
Public Affairs & Communication Intern

ReGeneration constitutes the ideal opportunity for graduates to make a promising professional start.

Anastasia Sideri
External Communication Director for CEE

ReGeneration is the proof that Greece has many talented young individuals that, when they find the right opportunity, can reveal their potential.

Anna Bacharidou
GD Procurement Trainee

ReGeneration offered me great training opportunities, networking with people who inspired me, and the chance to join a highly dynamic work environment, with motivation for professional and personal development.

Lila Apergi
GD Procurement Team Leader

ReGeneration is an important starting point for connecting people with common goals, the search for new challenges and opportunities, and maximizing results through collaboration and teamwork. Because the success of an organization comes from the growth of its people!

Panagiotis Markogiannakis
Member of Leroy Merlin Academy

ReGeneration constitutes a lifetime opportunity for all young people, affirming that young people with knowledge, dreams and values, can have a noteworthy future at companies with values and vision, such as Leroy Merlin. Through this program, I was given the opportunity to join the wonderful team of Leroy Merlin in Thessaloniki and make my dreams come true!

Vanessa Rafti
Recruitment & HR Planning Manager

We collaborated with ReGeneration for a purpose - to create the next generation workforce! For us, in any collaboration, it is people who make the difference. When people possess passion and vision for the work they do, they also give us an incentive to continue investing in this collaboration! A great “bravo” to the ReGeneration team!

Sofokliou Gratisano
Junior Accountant

Besides of the company’s provided programs, I took advantage of my participation in ReGeneration’s training seminars, which helped me to acquire and develop skills such as being creative and giving valuable feedback.

Roza Tapini
HR Manager

The particularly demanding and holistic process of evaluation of ReGenerators has ensured us that the level of candidates we had to choose from was notably high.

Giannis Lagiopoulos
Department of Environment, Hygiene, Security & Quality)

ReGeneration is a program built from people who listen to the professional and personal growth concerns of the young people it addresses, along with the needs and trends of the market.

Dimitris Tsoumas
HR Manager Greece & Saudi Arabia Metallurgy Division

Through our participation in the program, we hired young colleagues with good educational level and a scientific background. Colleagues with great characters, desire, and appetite to work and be tested in various aspects of their role.

Louiza Moti

In comparison to the difficulties that exist in the Greek market in order to find employment, ReGeneration has given me the chance to work with companies I always wanted, along with others I never knew I wanted, to find the confidence I needed and the ability to choose that which suited me best.

Giannis Spiropoulos

Up to now, we have hired four interns through the program, of which three have continued to work with us after completing the initial 6-month program, with two of them on the way for a promotion.

Nikoleta Pavlitina
Graduate Trainee Applications & OSS

I would like to say a big “thank you” to ReGeneration, because it gave me the chance to work for a company such as Vodafone Greece, the best of the many options I had to choose from.

Grigoris Konouklas
Resourcing & Talent Consultant

For us, ReGeneration, along with VF Discoverers, constitute important members of the Vodafone family, successfully importing new values and a new culture in the company, elements which are necessary for the existence of the innovation we seek and desire.

Danai Veliadou
Chemical Engineer

ReGeneration believed in my capabilities and brought me in contact with TITAN Group, who, through substantive, on-the-job training, used my scientific knowledge, helped me develop my skills and ensured a smooth transition from theory to practice.

Neoklis Manaris
Quality Control Manager

We continue to support ReGeneration from its first cycle because we know that between its finalists we will find the talent and skills, the innovative ideas, and the desire for change that dynamic and competitive companies need.

Giota Oikonomou
Junior Developer, Management Solutions

ReGeneration helped me reevaluate the way I saw myself, highlight my potential, and made it possible for me to follow my dreams.

Russo Riccardo
Director, DACC Consulting

ReGeneration challenges youth unemployment and especially for us bridges Italy and Greece with a great collaboration, upskilling youth graduates with new opportunities and endeavor a limitless career at the business field.

Anastasia Matsoukopetrou
Human Resources Management Trainee

ReGeneration acts as a springboard for the introduction of young people in the Greek job market, by offering them new opportunities and prospects for professional growth in a dynamic work environment.

Mary Tsagkaraki
Ηead of Human Resources

ReGeneration is the proof that Greek brains have yet to become drained. There are many notable, talented people who opted out of working abroad. The program offers them the chance to stay and utilize their talent in the Greek job arena, by practicing their fresh ideas and their expertise. We are proud to be a part of this initiative.

Anna Niforou
Junior Accountant

In such a dynamic and often nepotistic environment, ReGeneration urged me to believe in my skills, to prove to myself who I am, and to set fundamental values, both as a professional and as a person, by making a powerful start in Forthnet Group. To be a ReGenerator is a great opportunity.

Avgoustinos Monastiriotis
Financial Settlements Manager

ReGeneration is helping young graduates by focusing on the quality of their studies and their volunteer work in many areas of our society, thus providing the business world with noteworthy and professional people.