ReGeneration unlocks free access to online courses and certifications from world-renowned universities in partnership with Coursera

The strategic partnership with Coursera, the leading global online learning platform, will enable free access to online courses and certifications for thousands of citizens aged 18-29. For the first time, it will also serve military staff at national training schools across Greece.

To stay true to its mission of continuously supporting Greek youth, ReGeneration, the most impactful and multi-stakeholder program for paid placement and youth vocational training in the country, is partnering with Coursera to launch the largest up/re-skilling initiative in its history.

Leveraging Coursera’s Workforce Recovery Initiative (C4WR), an initiative in response to COVID-19 in which Coursera works alongside governments to provide unemployed workers with free access to its catalog of courses, this partnership will unlock 3.800 online courses and 400 specialisations. It will provide thousands of young citizens aged 18-29 with the opportunity to receive job-relevant online courses and certifications from top, global universities like Stanford, Yale, INSEAD and Imperial College London, regardless of the participant’s location.

This strategic alliance marks another milestone for the ReGeneration program, because for the first time, it will be supporting training staff at the national training schools for the military (including Navy, Airforce, and Army), as well as for Hellenic Police Personnel. All military graduates and officials who have completed basic national military schools and are currently in active training, will have access to Coursera.

Coursera courses span popular university subjects like Engineering, Business, Data Science, Health, and the Arts, and are divided into weekly modules with video and reading lessons. Course performance is assessed via quizzes and peer assignments, with learners receiving a certificate upon completion. It will provide high-quality, job-relevant online learning to Greeks at the time when it is most needed.

This initiative is testament to ReGeneration’s commitment to democratising opportunities for youth by supporting the up/re-skilling of young professionals. The next step for ReGeneration in this initiative will be to launch a customised, blended-training and learning program in cutting edge sectors like technology and tourism.

As ReGeneration’s co-founder Panos Madamopoulos states, “ReGeneration was founded amidst the 2014 crisis to democratise access to opportunity and enable Greek youth to dream of a better future.COVID-19 has made the urgency of our call even stronger. And while the pandemic has accelerated the Future of Work themes that we have been working on since day one, it has also intensified the systemic barriers to shared prosperity. We are overwhelmed by messages from our beneficiaries. We hear you when you say these are the toughest times to land your first job. This partnership with Coursera is our first response and an exciting milestone for ReGeneration and the Greek youth.

At ReGeneration, we serve both as a bridge and an elevator. We function as a bridge to attaining skills and careers that will lead in turn to economic mobility and hopefully elevate individuals to financial freedom. These circumstances for the many would have never been possible without the service of the few who voluntarily decided to forego their individualistic interest in order to safeguard freedom and peace. Having said this, we feel honoured to kick off our most large-scale initiative today by partnering with the Hellenic Armed Forces. Almost six years after our inception, we couldn’t be prouder of our impact and more grateful for our sponsors’ support. Now more than ever before, we welcome new supporters with passion and commitment to our cause.”

“The pandemic has affected hundreds of millions of jobs around the world including the livelihoods of many Greek youth. Access to digital skills is key to preparing them for jobs of the future," said Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO of Coursera. “We are honoured to partner with ReGeneration to provide unemployed youth in Greece with free access to job-relevant courses that will help them enter the workforce and build lasting careers.”

The licenses will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis to grads, undergrads, employed or unemployed, ages 18-29, through University Career Offices, military schools, the ReGen hiring companies network, as well as through an online awareness campaign.

Enrollment to courses is open through October 31, 2020

Free licenses are valid until December 31, 2020.

If you are eligible based on the above criteria and want to gain access to Coursera, click here.