It is a practical knowledge and skills educational program for digital marketing, which includes:

  • 75 classroom hours with courses such as Online Branding, Social Media, Content Marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC) - Adwords, and more.
  • 25 hours of e-learning with courses such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Analytics, PPC Advertising, and more.
  • Digicamp, a pioneering two-day camp, which will enable you to build on specialized and versatile knowledge, through practical training, and networking. Working in a team, you will take on a real case study on digital marketing strategy development for big companies active in the Greek market. Each team presents their Final Digital Marketing Strategy Project on the second day of Digicamp to a committee comprised of recognized executives representing companies interested in digital marketing strategy.

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The program offers an in-depth analysis of digital marketing and relevant theory, techniques, tools and strategies. Training is performed with a balanced combination of theory and practical training on PCs.

With the expertise of leading digital marketers in Greece and abroad, you will acquire specialized knowledge and skills in digital marketing and online campaigns.


The Center for Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Excelixi, is a member of the Piraeus Bank Group and a certified Lifelong Learning Center. It was founded in 2013 to support sustainable entrepreneurship through educational and consulting services in emerging sectors of the economy.

In the e-Entrepreneurship pillar, Excelixi launched in 2014 e-Academy, the first Academy of Electronic Entrepreneurship, with two complete educational programs: Digital Marketing Practitioner & e-Commerce Project Manager, counting more than 500 graduates from major Greek and multinational companies to date.

Excelixi then launched the Cutting Edge Courses, shorter seminars addressed to professionals who are already familiar with the fundamentals of the digital world, and are willing to gain expertise on Mobile Marketing, Digital Marketing Strategy and User Experience.

In 2017, Excelixi created the first Academy for Digital Transformation in Greece, for executives who take on decision-making for the successful transformation of their businesses. Finally, it provides specialized intracompany digital marketing programs, based on the needs and requirements of each business. Learn more about Excelixi here.


Successfully completing each of the first four stages of the evaluation and selection process, you can be one of the finalists who will take their first steps in the world of professional digital marketing:



Graduates of Greek or foreign colleges of higher education (AEI/TEI/college), in all fields, with or without a postgraduate degree.


Up to 29 years of age, as the program is aimed at graduates at the beginning of their careers.

Zero or limited work experience

Work experience from 0 to 3 years full-time, after completing studies.

Extracurricular activities

Active participation in extracurricular activities (eg. volunteering, sports, entrepreneurship, arts and any other non-academic activity).

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Upon completion of the training program, you will have gained all the skills and abilities to be able to design, coordinate, implement and evaluate digital marketing strategies and online campaigns, as well as effectively create a brand through digital marketing.

At the same time, you will have the opportunity to meet and network with renowned professionals in the field.

You will be able to seek new professions and roles such as Officer, Executive, Expert, and Specialist in: Online Marketing, Mobile Marketing, SEO / SEM, Digital Strategy, Performance Marketing, Email Marketing, Optimization, Online PR, Web Analytics, Content, and e-Commerce.