Nikolaos Varveris
Junior Business Development Manager

Nikolaos Varveris, born on 01/01/1992, comes from Naoussa, Imathia and is a successful example of ReGeneration since he was hired by Leroy Merlin as a finalist in the 4th round. Within a short time, he joined the company's Graduate Program (Leroy Merlin Academy), which he completed with the highest score in the Pillar of Commerce. Thereafter, he was evaluated through the Development Center and took over the responsibilities of complementary products of the Store of Pilaia, Thessaloniki as well as the customer relations for Horeca – AirBnB. He has previously worked in the export trade of Wines and Fruits in the Imathia region. An important milestone in his career is his contribution as a co-founder and chief executive of StartUp on human resources management “OVIVIEW”.

He is a graduate with honors of the Department of International Trade at the University of Western Macedonia where he received an award and a scholarship for his postgraduate studies in Business Administration (MBA). Since 2017 he has been studying counselling psychology at the University of the Aegean as well as Life Coaching at the Coaching Evolution Center.

He has been president of the Imathia Consumer Protection Center, founder and president of the AEGEE European Student Forum in Kastoria, a member of AIESEC, of CISV International and of the Greek Marketing Institute.

His tireless interest in continuous training and social outreach made him happy to accept the challenge of joining ReGeneration in September 2019, changing his place of residence and work, as the purpose of the program and the social footprint it leaves is the highest incentive for him.