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A program that paves the way to employment
Olga Klontza, 16/02/20

Within five years of its operation, ReGeneration is a success story. In the middle of the economic crisis and with youth unemployment skyrocketing to 52.44%, ReGeneration empowered youth with cutting-edge tools in direct response to market needs. This fuelled their employability, resulting in the successful placements of 1.200 young graduates in 450+ companies throughout Greece, as well as 90% of graduates renewing their contract of employment. It is estimated that the program has initiated 7.7 million Euro in salaries and employee compensation.

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A new generation of executives is being trained by ReGeneration
Roula Salourou, 07/03/20

More than 90% of young graduates who participated in ReGeneration’s training program renewed their contract of employment. Forming the first of its kind, multi-stakeholder, not-for-profit ecosystem, ReGeneration trains and helps young Greeks through their first professional steps. More specifically, during its 5 years of action, ReGen has placed over 1.300 graduates in 500 participating companies with a 92% retention rate. Participants have received more than 170.000 hours of targeted training, while also offering 17.000 hours of social work in participating non-governmental organisations.

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The mentors who “regenerate” the Greek market
Yorgos Manettas, 26/01/20

With its strategic partnership with LinkedIn Learning, ReGeneration is bridging the skills gap in the job market, fighting youth unemployment, and equipping Greek youth with the necessary skills needed to propel their careers forward.

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ReGeneration Greece: Five years of supporting youth
Nikos Efstathiou, 11/02/2020

Five years ago, armed with a healthy dose of optimism, we founded ReGeneration. Our vision was to change not only the lives of young alumni, but the trajectory of modern-day Greece altogether.” This declaration by Panagiotis Madamopoulos-Moraris, co-founder of the ReGeneration initiative, came in the context of the innovative organization’s completion of a five-year milestone. It abounds with optimism and shows an appetite for further impact.

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