Alexandra Nikopoulou
Project Coordinator

Alexandra was born at 1994 and is a graduate of the Department of International and European Relations of the University of Piraeus. She has finished her MA in Mediterranean Studies in the Department of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Peloponnese, while she is also a junior researcher in two Research Centers. She speaks English and German and she is a fun of new technologies.

Since the early years of her studies, she was an active volunteer and part of many NGOs, such as AIESEC, which led her to explore new areas, such as Marketing, Communications and HR. Her need to give led her to participating in Labyrinth of Senses, a Disability awareness workshop, where she worked voluntarily as a Business Development Coordinator.

Her goal over the next few years and what she aspires to learn through ReGeneration, is to find her calling and explore different aspects of the business environment, while continuing to give back.

She believes that ReGeneration can change the way the Greek market and provide chances to young people to develop while staying in Greece and creating a new generation of employees. That is why she is excited she got the chance to become a part of the program and contribute to its cause.